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We created this page for anyone looking to book private charter flight with us. It gives you some basics and a walk through of How it all works.

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It starts by you telling us all the information you need for reaching a destination.

Where, when, time, city, how many passengers, preferences etc. This gives our experts enough to find the best solution that fits your needs.

From there, once we have secured an aircraft, we send you a price and request for payment to secure the aircraft schedule.

It’s really straightforward and our agents pride themselves in developing personal relationships that help you. If we know you’re visiting a specific destination, we may even help recommend local services and venues that have been vetted and approved by us. It’s these little things that we feel will help you become a life long client with Noble Air Charter.

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This will depend on variables.


Once we have these variables, we’ll help secure an aircraft for you.

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At Noble Charter Air, we own a growing fleet of propeller aircraft and light jets. Our goal is to have a ready fleet of planes for immediate needs to take to the sky at a moments notice if needed. When we don’t have a plane available, we secure you a plane through our vast database of thousands of privately owned certified aircraft that are available throughout the world.

Our planes are some of the best maintained in the industry as we now operate and are expanding our own aircraft maintenance operation where we not just service our planes but will offer line maintenance. Located at the Miami-OPA Locka Executive airport, we are providing aircraft line maintenance to all tenant and transient owners and operators of Cessna twin prop and Citation jets.

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Noble Air Charter is a private carrier that owns it’s own fleet to provide charter service when needed. We can book at a moments notice if needed, but if all planes are booked, we tap into our vast database of privately owned and certified aircraft that can take you too and from ANY destination.

Using those bigger websites or “brokers” means they have to use a website that provides information on planes available and charge you a premium. We get access to those planes also… Many times, you’ll be flying in one of our planes and not even know it!

It’s this combination of aircraft access, expert booking reps, and our ownership who stresses in safety and maintenance EVEN on planes not owned by us for booking our client needs that is making us one of the faster growing private charter fleets in the US.

We know we are the best choice, let us prove it to you.

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Costs can vary depending on variables of travel needs. How many passengers,  preferences of jet or propeller, time needs, and more. With all this information collected, we can then help you find the best aircraft that meets all your needs.

Some average cost examples are:

Cessna Dual Propeller plane (8 people max) round trip from Miami to Nassau =

Citation Light Jet (max 6 passengers) from Boston to Miami

Gulfstream Jet (max 11 passengers) from Washington D.C. to Jackson Hole, Wyoming =

These are just reference only and prices can vary based on time, demand, inventory etc..

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We have a premier card program for our frequent flyers. Benefits offered like:

  • Fixed and affordable, discounted hourly rates
  • 365-day a year guaranteed access
  • Bookings on peak travel days
  • Certified commercial and ATP professional crew
  • 24/7 access to a private aviation specialist
  • Domestic/global catering and concierge services available
  • Book in the US with just 72-hour notice on non-peak travel days


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Treat yourself, your family and friends with class by booking private flight charter.

Our company is ready to take you anywhere needed. Contact us for booking quotes.

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