Commercial pilots are fairly anonymous – you’ll likely never see them, and you’ll probably only hear the co-pilot through the PA system a couple of times during the flight. With a charter flight, you get a much more up-close experience with the person sitting behind the stick. In this blog, we’ll get to know a little more about one of Noble Air Charter’s pilots, Mr. Juan Sanchez, who you are likely to see when you book your next charter flight with us.

Mr. Sanchez began his journey as pilot 12 years ago in a school in Maracay, Venezuela, just one hour from his hometown. In his own words, the journey was “a hard road to go” until he came the US just 18 months ago to begin flying charter flights with Noble Air Charter. Since then, Sanchez has been thoroughly enjoying his time in the air, flying everything from single engine planes to private jets. When asked which plane his favorite is to fly, he replied gleefully, “all planes are my favorites.”

Since charter flight pilots get to interact more with their passengers, there’s a stronger connection that develops between you and the crew. This is actually one of Mr. Sanchez’s favorite things about flying for Noble Air- “[I get to] know new people, talk with clients, and give a good service.” One of his other favorite things about being a pilot is having the opportunity to go to so many different destinations within a short time and with the same company.

Noble Air Charter flies to many destinations, mostly in within Florida and the Bahamas, but you can also book a charter flight to farther destinations. Mr. Sanchez loves flying to New York and Washington because, “always there is a new place or museum to go to.” Whether for business or pleasure, Noble Air will take you where you want to go.

Nervous about booking a charter flight?

When asked if he had any advice for first-time charter flight passengers, Sanchez said, “enjoy the flight, planes are safer than cars.” Our crew at Noble Air Charter is friendly, experienced, and here to take care of you for your business and tourism charter flight needs.

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