Turbo-Charged Props


• More cost-effective especially for shorter distances
• Immediate power up, plus more gradual landings
• Can easily hold larger groups
• Easier access to shorter runways and remote locations

cessna 402

Cessna 402B N800KW

The Business Liner feels comfortable because of the spacious, executive-configured cabin. This incredible Twin Cessna Model is known worldwide for being in business for the past 40 years. Experience the security and on time reliability of Cessna.

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another cessana 402

Cessna 402B N145TT

The workhorse of Noble Air fleet is N145TT flies to all the destinations in the Bahamas, the Keys and South Florida. The light weight 7-passenger 402 allows for increased load with business line seating and new portable air conditioner.

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turbo prop 402

Cessna 402C N2615Q

The Cessna 402 C is known for their reliability, capacity and configuration. Recently overhauled inside and out, our Twin is a great fit for executive meetings in the Florida State or a heavy group on their way to the Bahamas.

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aircraft network noble air charter

Aircraft Network – We can book anything!

Along with our immediate private jet and propeller aircraft inventory, we also have access to the largest database of privately owned aircrafts globally. This means if you need ANY type of plane, we can secure your booking needs. Just contact our reps and give them all your needs, wants and wishes and we’ll go to work for you.

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Aircraft Type

Aircraft Type

Noble Air Charter is a FAA Certified air carrier and a specialized provider of  private air charter service. Here are some links to learn more about the specific aircraft type you may want to travel in.

Noble Air Turbo Props

Cessna 402

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very light jet

Very Light Jet

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light jet

Light Jet

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midsize jet

Midsize Jets

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super midsize jet

Super Midsize

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seaplane charter bahamas islands


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airplane maintenance

Maintenance & Safety Driven

Did You Know?

Did You Know?

Noble Air Charter is setting a new path in airport operations. Since the takeover, our owner comes with an airline mechanic and maintenance background that is proving to be a great fit.

Located at the Miami-OPA Locka Executive airport, we are providing line maintenance (tire changes, troubleshooting, quick fix items) to all tenant and transient owners and operators of Cessna twin prop and Citation jets.

It’s this type of operational structure we believe in to provide customers with the best cared for aircraft operations in the industry.

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