SS Sapona Shipwreck

Today, the SS Sapona Shipwreck is used as both a navigational landmark for boaters and a popular dive site for avid snorkel or scuba divers. It is also a good place to see tropical fish and sharks attracted to it as an artificial reef.

The shipwreck lies in 17 foot deep water, 4 miles south of Bimini Island in the Bahamas. Military target practice and the weather have stripped the hull of most of its concrete. The wreck is a very popular diving site since it is in such shallow water and attracts a multitude of fish that will allow you to take endless photos that you can share on social media.

See for yourself this man-made landmark. Let Noble Air Charter get you to Bimini Island.

How to Get to the SS Sapona Shipwreck

There are charter boats that leave from Bimini and it’s about 4 miles south. Not to far to expeirnce some great scuba nd snorkeling as well as some wildlife adventures in the ocean.

SS Sapona Shipwreck Bimini
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