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Are you flexible with your time and schedule? If so, an empty leg flight can save you money and give you the convenience of private air traveling.

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Empty Leg Flights

Are you flexible with your travel schedule? If so, taking advantages of empty leg flights can provide you with the comfort, class, convenience of private air travel can be reached at a significant cost saving.

View our available empty seats flying to and from destinations and see if it’s something you can fit into your schedule.

Each time we book a jet or propeller aircraft, one of the flights either to or from the destination becomes available. This is known as an empty leg flight, and you can take advantage of these flights if they meet your needs.

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Empty Leg Flights

How to find empty leg flights? – You can find available flights by clicking on the buttons to show you either jet or propeller aircraft.

How much do empty leg flights cost? – This will depend on a variety of situations. It’s already a money saver and we’ll look for the best cost to provide you.

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Empty Leg Flights

Imagine looking out the window on a private jet or one of our prop aircraft in our fleet for much less. Our empty leg flights can provide you with considerable savings if you are open with your schedule. Where can you go?

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Noble Air Charter provides great deals on empty leg flights as well as regular air charter services.

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