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Noble Air Charter

Aircraft Acquisition & Ownership

With us on your side

Have you or your organization ever dream of owning your own private aircraft? Noble Air helps with acquisition, aircraft management, aircraft maintenance, insurance needs, financing and other vital services for aircraft owners to offset ownership costs.

Private Ownership

Whether for personal or business needs, Noble Air Charter can help you navigate from start to finish in private ownership. With our expertise, we’ll help you run, maintain and keep your aircraft in top operating condition and preserve value for years to come. Let us manage the headaches, that’s our expertise!

You’ll have the power to choose your own flights, destinations and experience the convenience of private ownership.

What you need is a team of professionals that are experienced in all facets of private aircraft acquisition and management. That’s us! We have a growing portfolio of privately held aircraft and give owners all the joys and less headaches of owning an aircraft.

Our team of professionals are ready to help in the selection, acquisition, aircraft management, aircraft maintenance, insurance procurement, financing, flight crew selection, flight training, and any other needs related to the purchase of an aircraft. During the acquisition, our Director of Maintenance provides direct support on inspecting aircraft the condition, maintenance history, and forward guidance on whether it’s a good purchase or not. Experienced pilots conduct test flights, and we pour through the planes overall state and paperwork, logs, and records to make sure we aren’t buying a lemon.

Expertise & Management

  • Evaluation of aircraft & model selection
  • Records research, valuation, test flights and pre-purchase maintenance inspections
  • Financing and Insurance
  • Title, tax & legal consultation
  • Purchase offer, negotiation, escrow arrangement
  • Flight crew hiring and training
  • Aircraft management services
  • Ramp storage or hangar space
  • Review and coordinate updates, custom paint wishes, interior or electronic updates

Our Values

We want you to feel like family and use us to book your private air charter for all of your travel excursions. Reach out to our elite staff members anytime.

Customer focused

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We love what we do

Quality Minded

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We’re here to help

Offset Ownership Costs

Ensuring your aircraft stays in flight is paramount for owners. These intricate machines, if left idle, can lead to costly repairs and complications. By housing your aircraft under our charter certificate, you gain a significant advantage: we take care of chartering and flying it when not in use. This effectively reduces your overall ownership costs per flight hour, saving you money and minimizing headaches.

Management Expertise
By entrusting your aircraft to Noble Air, you gain access to our comprehensive full-service aircraft support team. From flight planning and catering to hotel reservations, aircraft maintenance, and fueling, we handle it all. No need to worry about hiring or training your own crew, as we carefully select the best-trained flight crews and pilots. Rest assured, our crew members are familiar faces you know and trust, ensuring your peace of mind.

Maintained in Top Condition
When your aircraft becomes part of our operating fleet, we prioritize maintaining it to the highest levels of safety and performance standards. We diligently manage maintenance issues and costs, ensuring meticulous attention to detail. Our objective is to preserve your aircraft’s asset value and minimize any potential downtime. Rest assured, we are dedicated to keeping your aircraft in prime condition, both in terms of safety and operational excellence.

Customer Care & Service
At Noble Air, you’re not lost in the shuffle. You’ll be working directly with the company owner and management team, with no annoying middlemen in between. Personal attention and direct contact with those involved in all the management of your aircraft is what we bring. From operations logging, guidance, to needing to know the who, what, where when and why of something involving your aircraft, you’ll get attention to detail on all ownership wants and needs.

Time is Money
When your plane is part of our fleet program, we ensure it is always ready to take flight. Through our investments in cutting-edge technology, marketing, skilled labor, and innovative programs, we have gained a competitive advantage. This advantage translates into generating revenue on flights, reducing ownership costs, and maintaining the readiness of your aircraft. Rest assured, we are committed to maximizing the value and operational efficiency of your aircraft, so you can enjoy a seamless and financially beneficial ownership experience.

Let’s Get Started

What type of aircraft are you dreaming of buying?

Let’s discuss your aircraft ownership possibilities, types of aircraft, and touch bases on the basics to begin exploring what is involved.

Send us the type of aircraft you are interested in owning and we’ll provide an industry breakdown of costs associated with ownership.

Our Locations

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