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Our operations team needs just a few details:

  • Passenger names and birth dates
  • Weights of passengers and carry-ons
  • Details of extra items like coolers, sports equipment, pets.


For smooth travel arrangements, submit  your passport details and photo using our secure upload form.

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Frequently Asked Questions

addHow much luggage can I bring?

Your luggage limit is based on the total weight of passengers, their bags, and any extra cargo. For a precise allowance, kindly share this information with our operations team or your charter sales representative.

addHow much cargo/specialty items can I bring?

To determine your cargo and specialty item limit, we consider the total weight of passengers, luggage, and these items. 

For a specific limit, share your details and, if possible, pictures of oversized items with our operations team or charter sales representative.

addCan I bring my pet(s)?

Absolutely, pets can join your journey. Just let us know their combined weight. 

For international trips, be prepared to provide extra details about your pets.

addWhere are you located?

Our Miami hangar is located at Opa-Locka Executive Airport.

Use the general parking and head to the Atlantic Aviation terminal.

Just check in at the front desk and wait comfortably; our staff or pilots will meet you shortly before departure.

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addWho do I contact when I arrive?

If you need assistance or have requests upon arrival, just contact your Charter Flight Executive.

Keep your Trip ID Locator or Booking PDF ready for quick reference.