Our Jets

Learn more about our cutting-edge fleet of powerful jet engine planes.


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Our fleet features state-of-the-art aircraft that combine a luxurious in-flight experience with speed and power.

Our Jets

Gulfstream G150

The Gulfstream G150 gives you a smooth and quiet in-flight experience in luxurious comfort at nearly the speed of sound. Boasting a top-speed of 470 knots and an impressive range of 3130 nautical miles, the Gulfstream G150 can take you anywhere you want to go.

With a cabin that can seat up to 9 of your family, friends, or colleagues, its the perfect choice for business or pleasure.

Cessna Citation Bravo

The Cessna Citation Bravo is an efficient light business jet that offers ample range, speed, and passenger comfort in a spacious cabin environment.

Its superior reliability, operational capacity, and performance capabilities make it an excellent choice for regional business travel.

Cessna Citation S/II

Take you next journey on our Cessna Citation S/II. This twin-engine jet is perfect for swift flights and long-range travel, accommodating up to 8 passengers in luxury comfort.

With its advanced aerodynamics and powerful engines, it reaches 402 knots over 1429 nautical miles, combining ease of use, versatility, and efficiency with remarkable performance.

Cessna Citation Excel

Our Cessna Citation Excel offers you a high-performance aircraft with ample range, speed, and all the creature comforts you need to take your next business or leisure trip.

Its spacious cabin provides the perfect environment for productivity and comfort.

Any Jet You Need
Anytime You Need It

Explore the skies in style with our exclusive range of private jets and propeller aircraft. 

As part of the U.S.’s largest network of private jets, we guarantee the ideal jet for every journey. 

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Perfection Is Our Standard


Noble Air Charter sets the benchmark in the private air charter industry for safety and maintenance.

Led by our CEO, Jonathan Jackson, a seasoned aviation expert, we understand the importance of pristine aircraft condition.

Our commitment to excellence drives us to exceed standard maintenance practices. Operating from Miami-OPA Locka Executive Airport, we conduct thorough daily inspections on our fleet, ensuring every detail aligns with the highest standards.

Let’s Fly Together

Our fleet of jets and turbo-propeller planes are fueled up when you’re ready to fly. 

Let us know where we’re taking you next and we’ll help you plan the perfect trip.