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Cessna 402C - N426LJ

Cessna 402C N426LJ

The Cessna 402C N426LJ is the perfect choice for all your private travel needs, whether for business or leisure. This aircraft can comfortably accommodate a total of 7 passengers. With a cruise speed of 207 mph and an average cruise altitude of 9,000 ft, it ensures efficient transportation to and from airports. The Cessna 402C excels at shorter distance travel and is particularly recommended for journeys within 250 miles or less. In such cases, we suggest considering a Twin-Engine Propeller aircraft.

It is an excellent option for idyllic island getaways, Bahamas travel, as well as exploring the beautiful landscapes of Florida and the Keys.

Departing from the greater Miami/Broward area, this aircraft is well-suited for regional travel, including destinations such as the Bahamas, Key West, Marathon, Tampa, Orlando, Daytona, Naples, and more. Its proficiency in handling short runways allows access to locations that are typically inaccessible to jets.

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Cessna 402C Price

The Cessna 402C is an excellent and cost-effective option for flights lasting less than 2 hours. 


Here are a few sample pricing estimates for roundtrip flights:

Miami to Freeport and back: Approximately $4,800

Miami to Nassau and back: Approximately $6,500


*Please note that these prices include the convenience of dropping you off and picking you up on separate days. If you require a same-day round trip, the cost may be slightly lower.

*Additionally, we offer the flexibility to pick you up from various airports, including PBI, FLL, Naples, Tampa, Orlando, and more.

Cessna 402B Specifications

Hre are some operational specifications for the Cessna 402:

  • Holds up to 7 passengers
  • Statue Miles: 1400
  • Cruising Speed: 170 KN (207 MPH)
  • 1-2 Crew Members
  • Luggage Space: 36 Cubic Feet
  • Useful Load: 1717 LB
  • Powerplant: 2x Continental TSIO-520 Turbocharged
  • Jet Maximum Speed: 230 KN (266 MPH)
  • Service Ceiling: 26,900 FT


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