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In 2015 after a $279 million renovation, Huntington Place in downtown Detroit features 723,000 square feet of exhibit hall space and 623,000 square feet of contiguous exhibit space. Another world-class convention center, Suburban Collection Showplace, is located in the metro Detroit region. It added an adjoining Hyatt Place hotel in 2013 and recently completed another expansion that added thousands more square feet of meeting space.

Risk-taking entrepreneurs, creative incubators, edgy restaurants and spaces, funky hotels and three high-energy sports arenas. Plus, hard-hustling Detroiters are behind all of it. These new things — and more keep coming — are signs that Detroit is unequivocally an IT city. One that’s being touted as energetic, experimental with a touch of the underground. One that’s more than ready to play the perfect host.

When you meet in Detroit, you get to meet Detroit. You get to connect with our people, be immersed in our proud, one-of-a-kind culture and experience our commitment to sustainability. We’re proud to be the country’s largest Black-majority city, with 50,000 Black businesses. We’re also proud of our thriving Arab American and Latino communities. We love to share who we are and what we’re doing. By supporting our local businesses, you help grow our communities and get to meet — and support —the people who live and work here. So, you leave Detroit a better person and you leave Detroit a better place.

With one of the world’s busiest air transportation hubs, Detroit offers nonstop flights to 150 destinations in the world. And when talking about what’s happening once on the ground, the area — we are called the Motor City, by the way — is known for having one of the most efficient road systems around.

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Airports In Detroit, MI

Bishop International Airport – IATA Code – FNT

  • Nearby city(s): Flint (8 km)
  • Airline(s): Allegiant Air, American, Delta

Cherry Capital Airport – IATA Code – TVC

  • Also Called: Cherry County Airpark
  • Nearby city(s): Traverse City (4 km)
  • Airline(s): Allegiant Air, American, Delta

Lansing Capital City Airport – IATA Code – LAN

  • Also Called: Capital Region International Airport
  • Nearby city(s): Lansing (5 km)
  • Airline(s): American Eagle, Delta, United

Kalamazoo/Battle Creek Airport – IATA Code – AZO

  • Nearby city(s): Kalamazoo (5 km)
  • Airline(s): American Eagle, Delta, United

Midland International Airport – IATA Code – MBS

  • Also Called: MBS International Airport
  • Nearby city(s): Midland (20 km), Saginaw (25 km)
  • Airline(s): Delta, United

Sawyer International Airport – IATA Code – MQT

  • Nearby city(s): Marquette (30km)
  • Airline(s): Delta, American

Pellston Regional Airport – IATA Code – PLN

  • Also Called: Pellston Regional Airport of Emmet County
  • Nearby city(s): Peliston (1.6 km)
  • Airline(s): Delta

Houghton County Memorial Airport – IATA Code – CMX

  • Nearby city(s): Calumet (7 km)
  • Airline(s): United

Chippewa County International Airport – IATA Code – CIU

  • Nearby city(s): Sault Ste. Marie (28 km)
  • Airline(s): Delta

Muskegon County Airport – IATA Code – MKG

  • Nearby city(s): Muskegon (7 km)
  • Airline(s): United

Delta County Airport – IATA Code – ESC

  • Nearby city(s): Escanaba (4 km)
  • Airline(s): Delta

Iron Mountain Airport – IATA Code – IMT

  • Also Called: Ford Airport
  • Nearby city(s): Iron Mountain (5 km)
  • Airline(s): Delta

Alpena County Regional Airport – IATA Code – APN

  • Nearby city(s): Alpena (11 km)
  • Airline(s): Delta

Popular Detroit Private Jet Charter Routes

  • Private Jet from New York to Detroit
  • Private Jet from Boston to Detroit
  • Charter Flights from Chicago to Detroit
  • Private Plane Charter from Orlando to Detroit
  • Private Jet Charter from Dallas to Detroit

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How much does it cost to charter a private Jet Detroit?

The cost to charter a private jet can range widely in price, based on flight time, demand and the type of aircraft.

Please contact us as we have some of the best rates in the industry.