440 NM

9 Passenger

All Electric
Push Configuration

Eviation Alice Electric Plane

The Eviation Alice Electric Plane will be an achievement that moves our species even farther in air transport. With dual push engines, modern aerodynamics and state of the art avionics, this all electric plane will usher in a new era of private travel and cargo transport.

The passenger configuration will be created with luxury craftsmanship and comfort. Plenty of personal space complemented by a state-of-the-art galley, wardrobe, and the largest luggage compartment in its class. You’ll even have room for golf clubs, skis or even bikes!

The cargo configuration will sport 450cu of space. It will be temperature controlled for optimal haul needs. The cargo model will have forward and aft access doors as well as a secure webbing system to secure your storage needs. The goal will be a design for swift turnarounds.

As of April 2022, the aircraft is slated for FAA flight approvals. Once certified, it will be ready for sales and a few air transport companies have already signed on. Noble Air Charter is currently intalks with Eviation and reviewing the aircraft for possible addition to its fleet of private jets and prop aircraft.

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How fast does the electric alice plane go?

The Alice electric plane can reach a max cruise speed of 250 knots per hour.

Alice Electric Plane Specifications

Range Nautical Miles: 440 NM (no payload)
MTOW Lbs: 16,500
Max Cruise Speed: 250 kts
Takeoff Distance: 2600 feet
Landing Distance: 2040 feet
Payload Capacity: 2500 lbs
Passenger capacity: 9
Crew : 2
Engines: 2 Push Configuration
Fuel Needs: none! all electric

Eviation Alice Electric Plane Flight Time & Price

“Not available yet but coming soon”

Eviation Alice Electric Plane Interior

SkyView panoramic windows and individually controlled electrochromatic shades mixed with natural light.
Widebody for needed space, premium seating with a 32-inch pitch.

Ready To Fly

Eviation Alice Electric Plane

When Noble Air acquires these aircraft we can quote you.

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Electric Future

Eviation Alice Electric Plane

The Eviation Alice Electric Plane will be perfect for our short flights from our Miami and Boston locations. Flights you can expect to see are:

•Charter Flights to the Bahamas
•Key West Air Charters
•Boston to Martha Vineyard Flights
•Charter Flights to Hamptons
•Charter Flights to Prince Edward Island

There will be so many more flights available when these planes are part of our fleet. Check with us in the future for this aircraft.

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