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Flights to San Salvador Island Bahamas

One of the smallest inhabited islands in The Bahamas, San Salvador is unique in the archipelago. Its sparkling inland lakes, various historic monuments, miles of secluded beaches, and roughly 50 dive sites keep visitors well entertained. Perhaps the most photographed place is a stone cross on San Salvador Long Bay, it marks the spot of Christopher Columbus’s first landfall. offshore, an underwater monument designates where La Pinta dropped the anchor.

Great Lake National park takes place at San Salvador Island, stretches through most of the island, and connects the major settlements. The park protects the lake and surrounding mangrove ecosystem, both critical to the preservation of the endangered San Salvador Rock Iguana and several bird species.

The Watling’s blue hole is found on the southwestern part of the island. Normally blue holes are a combination between salt and fresh water, but this one is entirely saltwater, which means that must be an underground connection to the ocean.

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