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Flights to Spanish Wells Bahamas

Just an arm’s distance away from North Eleuthera Bahamas sits St. George’s Cay, the location of Spanish Wells Bahamas. The seclusion of the cay is what attracts most visitors. The silence and serenity, the escape from reality, the turquoise blue waters, and the sound of the slight Atlantic surf are what make them love it. The Spanish Wells is a place where car rentals are not needed and your own two feet are the preferred method of transportation. It is a place where locking the door when you go out at night is laughable and where generosity is a way of life.

The Spanish Wells is a part of the over 700 Bahamian islands and cays that make up the archipelago country. St. George’s Cay is known as an out island of the Bahamas. With flights from Florida to the Bahamas becoming increasingly more popular, this destination is hitting people’s radar constantly. And why wouldn’t it?

Now, there are flights and tours which will take you swimming with pigs Bahamas style. These swimming pigs tours have quickly become visitors’ favorite thing to do in the Bahamas and it’d be a shame to miss it.

The beach here has white, soft powdery sand and is great for a stroll with your pet. The water is mostly shallow for a good distance out, and small children can play near the shoreline.

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