How much does a flight cost to the Abacos Islands?

This will depend on the type of airplane you choose, and(or) the destination you begin from. With Noble Air, we operate out of Miami and have very well priced Cessna 402s that are cost efficient and can get you there. Below is a breakdown of flights costs with multiple start and stop destinations. Need a private jet? Request a quote and our charter sales executives will respond with jet travel quote from anywhere.

There are a number of convenient ways to reach the Abacos from the United States, and the costs of flying to these islands have decreased in recent years. There are three primary airports in the Abacos—Marsh Harbour International (MHH) the largest on Great Abaco Island, Treasure Cay International (TCB), and Walker’s Cay (a very small airport servicing private flights). Most travelers from the U.S. fly into Marsh Harbour International, sometimes connecting through Miami or Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Notable airlines that offer flights to the Abacos, include American Airlines, Delta, United, JetBlue, Bahamas Air, and Silver Airways.

It’s possible to fly to Nassau instead and then connect via a short flight or ferry service to Marsh Harbour International Airport. Pinder’s ferry offers twice-daily service between Grand Bahama and the Abacos. Generally, unless you already plan to visit Nassau during your Bahamas trip, it’s easier, faster, and more economical to arrange a connecting flight from Florida.

Charter flights can also be arranged through certified carriers such as Noble Air Charter, which offers private flights aboard jets or any plane that fits your needs to the Bahamas from Miami-Opa Locka Executive Airport Florida. This can be a unique and stress-free travel option for groups small groups traveling together.

Request your private charter flights today. Our staff will help you charter a plane for your needs.

How much does a flight cost to the Abacos Islands?

How much does a flight cost to the Abacos Islands? Noble Air Charter can serve your flight needs as well as any trips in the region.

We offer private jet charter and turbo-prop charters for clients globally.

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How much does a flight cost to the Abacos Islands?

Example Routes – Our 402 Cessnas

Cessna 402 Charter Plane

These are a few examples & rough quotes on flight routes.
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Please note: Due to rising demand & fuel prices changing weekly

Originating Destination Passengers One-Way Round Trip
Miami Bimini, Bahamas Up to 7-9 $1900 $4300
Miami Nassau, Bahamas Up to 7-9 $2800 $5900
Miami Eleuthera, Bahamas Up to 7-9 $3250 $6900
Miami Staniel Cay, Bahamas Up to 7-9 $3750 $7800
Miami Marsh Harbor, Bahamas Up to 7-9 $2500 $5400
Miami Governors Island, Bahamas Up to 7-9 $3250 $6800
Miami Havana, Cuba Up to 7 $4250 $8700
Miami Key West Up to 7-9 $1900 $4200
Miami Atlanta, GA Up to 7-9 $6200 $12,800
Tampa Miami Up to 7-9 $2500 $5800
Tampa New Orleans Up to 7-9 $6100 $12,400
Tampa Atlanta Up to 7-9 $6500 $13,200
Orlando Key West Up to 7-9 $4150 $8300
Orlando Bimini Up to 7-9 $3200 $6400
Ocala Miami Up to 7-9 $2800 $5600
Ocala Marathon Up to 7-9 $3650 $7300
Naples Marathon Up to 7-9 $3850 $7700
Naples Nassau, Bahamas Up to 7-9 $4000 $8000

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