Who Owns Noble Air Charter?

Who Owns Noble Air Charter?

Google, Bing and LinkedIn do not seem to make it easy for small business owners to provide accurate information. When you type in Google or Bing the search term “who owns noble air charter” you get wrong information in search lookups. The actual owner of Noble Air Charter is Jonathan Jackson | LinkedIn.

It’s got to the point that despite over 100+ submissions directly to Google to update this search snippet, that they refuse or just laugh at us after trying for two years to update this information.

The only way now is to create this page to directly feed and counters Google’s very own search algorithm. It’s April 11th 2022 today as i write this. Let’s see how long Google takes to finally update this. I will post a direct update when Google, Bing and other finally update this search term.

Hey Google, Do some work…

Despite over 40,000 employees… a simple search term like this should be moderated if we have sent over 100+ inquires over the past two years. Here is the actual information your snippet should say…

Acquired in 2019 by Jonathan Jackson, Noble Air Charter has grown its fleet rapidly by bringing a fresh approach to private charter operations, dedication to maintenance and strict operating standards for the growing fleet of propeller & jet aircraft while hiring the most qualified pilots, maintenance crews, operations, and sales and support staff.

April 20th update…

Well, well, well… it seems we can turn the tables on Googles dumb algorithm that can’t seem to find accurate information. As of the 20th of April, we now get the right information after creating this page, SEO’ing it by doing on page optimization and creating a small linktree on 3rd party sites with seo backlinks.

Stay tuned for future updates and results 🙂

May 16th update…

After sending an inquiry for a manual review, one of their 40,000+ employees must have looked at it. What has happened now is that Curtis Romero has been removed AND this page as well which I optimized for the keyword “who owns Noble Air Charter”

Google must have realized the egg on their face and manually removed the wrong snippet info AND this page referencing their search engine that continually seems to be getting worse.

This is an example of using their own algorithm legally to ruffle their feathers and actually do something.

Either way…mission accomplished!