5 Reasons Turbocharged Prop Planes Can Be Better Than Jets

There are many different options in aircraft for your next chartered flight – including jets and turbocharged prop planes. So why should you choose a turbocharged prop for your next flight?

Here are 5 reasons why turbocharged planes can often be a better option than jets!

1. More efficient & cost-effective

For those short trips – like from Florida to the Bahamas – a turbocharged prop plane is more efficient and cost-effective than an airline jet. Turbocharged props are far lighter giving them better performance at take-off.

Plus, these planes burn through less fuel which makes them more cost-effective to charter.

2. Better views when flying

Tying into the better efficiency, when you charter a turbocharged prop, you get better views! Flying at a lower altitude – a characteristic of these aircraft – means that you get to see the crystal-clear Florida Keys water.

Our fleet of Cessna turbocharged prop planes have a service ceiling height of 26,900 feet. Commercial jets or business jets have a certified height of 42,000 feet or 51,000 feet respectively.

3. Travel to more destinations

The ability for our planes to take off and land on shorter runways is crucial for reaching those gorgeous destinations. If you’re island hopping in the Bahamas or flying in for a business meeting in the Keys, you’re going to encounter shorter runways.

Chartering this type of aircraft gives you exclusive access to hard to access destinations that may have a smaller airport. These planes get you closer to where you want to be, ultimately saving you travel time.

Generally, they only need 2,800 feet of runway at sea level which is almost half of what a jet will need.

4. The charter cost is less expensive

Overall, the cost of chartering a turbocharged prop plane is lower than a jet. This is because these planes have smaller engines with less moving parts – therefore, less maintenance is required. Insurance is also less than insurance for a jet.

5. They’re safe

Safety is at the forefront of our minds. Rest assured, these aircraft are safe. Tom Filippini, founder of Exclusive Resorts and StraightLine says:

“There is no empirical evidence to suggest that jet aircraft are safer than turbocharged props. In fact, it is argued by many pilots that they feel safer flying turbocharged props because their slower speed allows for more reaction time if an emergency were to transpire…”

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