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Private Jet Charter Cost Estimator

Private Jet Charter Cost Estimator

How do you calculate private jet costs? Below we show you cost estimates of chartering a private jet. This is a great article for anyone looking at private jet travel…read below.

Private Jet Sales Exploding

private jet sales

The private jet market is red hot! Reaching new heights and showing no signs of slowing down…. continue below

Legendary Fishing In The Bahamas

Fishing in Bahamas

Some of the most prized fish in the world can be caught by fishing in the Bahamas. The warm and shallow Sea of Abaco, for example, is located along major migration routes for sailfish, blue marlin, and wahoo….continue below

How To Pack When You Fly Charter

How to Pack

Get some valuable tips on How To Pack your belongings, what to take, and more valuable insight on packing for a private charter flight before you show up.

Noble Air Charter Covid-19 Update: Helping To Keep You Safe

covid travel updates

To: Noble Air Charter Clients From: Jonathan Jackson The safety and well being of everyone who uses Noble Air Charter is and has always been our number one priority. We are actively monitoring the coronavirus (COVID 19) situation and are taking steps to help keep our clients, staff, and communities safe. Even prior to this […]

Key West Charters

If you want to get to Key West in comfort and style, then you need to know about how easy it is to arrange for Key West charters. Noble Air Charter has Key West charters from destinations throughout Florida.



Noble Air Charter is an FAA certified air carrier and a specialized provider of affordable private air charter services. Located at Miami-Opa Locka Executive Airport, we fly private air charters throughout Florida and the Bahamas.

Charter Flights: Top Questions Answered

Charter flights are a great way to get from point A to point B, but you may still have questions about how it all works. We’re going to take a moment here at Noble Air Charter to answer a few of the top questions about charter flights to hopefully bring some clarity to this truly […]

Get To Know Your Charter Flight Pilot

Commercial pilots are fairly anonymous – you’ll likely never see them, and you’ll probably only hear the co-pilot through the PA system a couple of times during the flight. With a charter flight, you get a much more up-close experience with the person sitting behind the stick. In this blog, we’ll get to know a […]

Plan Your Next Vacation In Florida

The word ‘vacation’ often stirs up images of faraway places, but Florida has plenty of great opportunities to get away from the daily grind. And the best and most flexible way to get to those places is by charting your flight with Noble Air Charters, based in Miami/Opa Locka Executive Airport. Here are some great […]

Noble Air Charter Featured on Fox Sports

Noble Air Charter is proud to share that our owner, Jonathan Jackson, appeared as a guest on the Florida Insider Fishing Report on Fox Sports. In the segment, Jonathan talked about why Noble Air Charter offers affordable air charter rates that are much more affordable than people may have thought.   While Noble Air Charter caters primarily […]

Noble Air Charters Careers – Charter Pilot

Qualified Charter Pilots wanted in Miami, Florida  As Noble Air Charter continues to expand, we are in need of qualified pilots to join our air charter team located at Opa-Locka Airport in Miami, Florida. Pilots should be qualified to fly a variety of charter aircraft including but not limited to charter turbo prop planes and jets.   Noble Air Charter caters primarily to business […]

Follow Noble Air Charter on Instagram

Want to stay connected and up to date on all of the latest news of highlights from Noble Air Charter? Follow Noble Air Charter on Instagram! Our Noble Air Charter Instagram account will provide an exclusive peek into our culture and our world as we fly charter flights throughout Florida, the Bahamas, and beyond! Explore […]

Premiere Customer Service at Noble Air Charter

Noble Air Charter is proud to offer quality personalized concierge and catering services to all of our customers. When you book a travel experience with Noble Air Charter, our team is dedicated to ensuring that your charter flight exceeds your luxury and convenience expectations.    The Noble Air Charter Concierge Team Our team can help you book […]

Noble Air Charters Career Opportunities

aviation careers

As Noble Air Charter continues to expand, we are in need of qualified customer service, flight hosts, and administrative support professionals to join our air charter team located at Opa-Locka Airport in Miami, Florida. Noble Air Charter caters primarily to business and leisure clients traveling within Florida, the Bahamas, and surrounding areas to offer unparalleled travel flexibility. […]

Explore The Noble Air Charter Blog For Insider Travel Tips

If you’re looking for insider travel tips for Florida and the Bahamas, check out the Noble Air Charter Blog! With a variety of different topics and new content posted regularly, you’ll always find something new and interesting about travel in Florida and the Bahamas.    Our Noble Air Charter Blog covers a range of travel topics and […]

Need Some Nightlife in Your Life?

Everybody needs to get out and loosen up every now and again, and what better way than to charter a flight to Key West, Florida for a pub tour? Touting over 40 tiki bars, saloons, wine rooms, beer gardens, and other adult beverage establishments, there are no shortage of choices here. If you’d prefer someone […]

Top 5 Attractions In The Caribbean

There are so many great opportunities for adventure in the Bahamas when you charter a flight out of Miami with Noble Air. Here are 5 of the top attractions in the Caribbean to help plan for your next trip. Top Attractions in the Caribbean 1. Aquaventure Located at the famous Atlantis Paradise Island Resort, Aquaventure […]

5 Reasons Turbocharged Prop Planes Can Be Better Than Jets

There are many different options in aircraft for your next chartered flight – including jets and turbocharged prop planes. So why should you choose a turbocharged prop for your next flight? Here are 5 reasons why turbocharged planes can often be a better option than jets! 1. More efficient & cost-effective For those short trips […]

Jet To The Bahamas

If you are heading to the Caribbean, you know that the destinations can only be reached two ways: by boat or by plane. If you wish to ride the waves of the crystal blue sea, but don’t need to get to the Bahamas right away, a boat is fine. But if you wish to get […]

Is A Real ID Required for Flying Charter?

If you drive you to need a license, if you travel overseas you need a passport and in college, you typically get an ID. So, what about if you’re planning to fly domestically or internationally via commercial or a private charter in the next few weeks or months? Is there some kind of identification you […]

We Fly to Your Favorite Fishing Spots!

Just like hot dogs and baseball, cheese and wine, fishing and summer go together. If you love fishing – any sort from bait to fly or even deep-sea fishing in the ocean you probably need to book a flight via Noble Air Charter and head to Florida’s best fishing destinations. The Sunshine State has some […]

Idyllic Florida Beaches

One of the best ways to relax is lounging on a white sandy beach with a good book, a cold drink while listening to some tunes. With spring here and summer ahead many will be dreaming of spending time at local beaches but why not be adventurous and head elsewhere? Someplace you’ve never been like […]

The Pros and Cons of Flying Charter

When flying via private charter, there is a plethora of benefits that come with it such as privacy, a luxurious experience, personally tailored service, and having a more flexible timetable. It is always necessary however, to weigh up the pros and cons of flying charter in order to decide if it is the best option […]

Private Air Charter Myths Debunked

There are many myths surrounding private air charter, and this is mainly because the majority of information about private air charter is obtained by word of mouth, not experience! Here are some of those myths debunked. 1. You have to be rich to use private air charter. While many of the world’s most rich and […]

When Essential Travel Is Required

It is a fact: some business transactions cannot be done by Zoom But that is okay, when you need to pay a face-to-face visit with your client or boss, or perform inspections, Noble Air Charter can certainly get you to your destination safely and on time. Essential Travel If you are someone who cannot work […]

Why Flying Charter is Safer

If you’re considering chartering a flight for your next vacation, then chances are that you’ve already weighed charter flights against commercial in areas like price, comfort, and luxury. But what you may not have considered is air charter safety. We often take air safety for granted, particularly as it’s proven to be the safest form […]

Charter a Flight to See Pensacola from a Segway

Ever see someone gliding along on something that looks like your grandpa’s push mower? That’s a Segway – a fun type of transportation that lets you cover more ground faster, avoid the perils of foot pain from walking, and it’s completely quiet – you can talk to other folks and hear your guide. Call Noble […]

Fly with Your Dog to Dog Island

Seven out of ten dogs get Christmas presents from their humans. Usually things like rhinestone collars or new leashes. Phooey! Dogs don’t want that! They want to ride with you in the car, fly with you on the plane, and run up and down the beach with you on Dog Island. Step Back in Time […]

An Unforgettable Snorkeling Experience

There’s only one place in North America where you can swim with manatees – Crystal River, Florida. Manatees, also known as sea cows, are endangered and protected creatures, weighing more than 1000 pounds. These gentle giants eat only aquatic plants and are not harmful to humans. When the waters in the Gulf of Mexico cool […]

Fly To Florida Fun This Thanksgiving

Have you been cooped up for weeks and weeks? Need a quick get-away? Thanksgiving is the time to do it. Destinations all over Florida offer unique and exciting ways to be thankful on this essential American holiday. Noble Air gets you there – FAST! Saint Augustine – Founded in 1565, St. Augustine is the oldest […]

Your Dream Vacation – The US Virgin Islands

No passport? No problem! You don’t need a passport to travel to the exotic Caribbean islands of St Thomas, St Croix, and St John. These three islands – known collectively as the US Virgin Islands – are an American commonwealth, and therefore domestic travel for US citizens. St Thomas – Enjoy plenty of duty-free shopping, […]

Boca Grande, Florida – Tarpon Fishing Capital of the World

Beautiful Boca Grande on Gasparilla Island, is the home of white sugar-sand beaches, swaying palm trees, and privacy for its elite residents. Few automobiles sully Boca Grande’s pristine roads – they are allowed on only two streets. Golf carts are the primary mode of transportation. Boca Grande has a long and storied history, starting with […]

Fishing for Yellowtail in the Florida Keys

The fishing paradise known as the Florida Keys is surrounded by reefs that make perfect hiding places for Yellowtail Snapper and juvenile baitfish. When the seas are calm and the water is warm, as it is right now in September, Yellowtail are biting at the edge of the reef in 50 – 70 feet of […]

Fly More, Save More with the Premier Private Charter Card

Going to the Bahamas, the Caribbean, or trips in Florida for business or pleasure frequently? You need the Noble Air Private Charter Card. When you lock in your discounted hourly rate with our Premier Charter Card Program, you’ll enjoy big savings, as well as… Time Saving – You can arrive at the airport just minutes […]

The History of Turboprops – Noble Air’s Proud Tradition

Ever since December 17, 1903 when the Wright brothers changed modern history with the first powered flights at Kittyhawk, inventive thinkers and engineers have striven to create an aircraft propulsion system that is stronger, faster, and quieter than anything that came before. The first turboprop engine was patented in 1929 by György Jendrassik, a Hungarian […]

Championship Golf in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

Why leave one beautiful, tropical Florida city to fly to another one? Why, to play golf at the world-famous TPC Sawgrass Golf Course – one of the top public golf courses in Florida. Home of The Players Championship, birthplace of the TPC Network, and backdrop to the PGA Tour headquarters, the TPC Sawgrass Golf Course […]

First Time Charter Flight

“More than anything else, the sensation of flying is one of perfect peace mingled with an excitement that strains every nerve to the utmost — if you can conceive of such a combination.” Wilbur Wright Perfect peace and excitement…how could you not want those feelings for yourself? You can have all that and more, the […]

Noble Air Charter Flies You To Paradise

Endless blue skies, emerald green waters, and snowy white beaches as seen from the air aboard a Noble Air Charter flight. Come along with us on our latest adventure – flying a family of fishing enthusiasts to their favorite Paradise – a Bahamian hideaway. Check out our commercial shown on Fox Sports Florida Insider Fishing […]

Charter Flights from Opa-Locka – Noble Air Takes You To The Bahamas And Beyond

Have you ever driven to Opa-Locka Executive Airport and wondered, “Where did that unusual name come from?” If you’re like many people around Miami, you might have thought the name had something to do with opening a lock, judging by the sound of it. Turns out, there’s a really interesting story behind it. Aviation pioneer […]

Three Quick Flight Options for a Long Weekend Getaway

Now perhaps more than ever you really need to get away. Lucky for you here are three quick flight options that will restore your inner peace and stoke the adventurous fires within. 1. Andros Island The largest island of The Bahamas, at 2,300 square miles, is larger than all the other 700 Bahamian Islands combined. […]

Fly Private Jet Charter and Improve Social Distancing

Commercial airlines have been hit hard as the novel coronavirus disease known as COVID-19 spreads across the globe. Although carriers flying to Asia endured the initial brunt of the fallout, now the virus has reached the other continents, including North America and Europe. Airlines have cancelled flights and have issued change-fee waivers just to remain […]

Private Jet Charter Concierge and Catering Services

Upon booking your flight with Noble Air Charter, you will enjoy personalized jet charter concierge and catering services. Our priority is to provide a seamless travel experience that exceeds your expectations of convenience and luxury. Our world-class in-flight concierge and catering services reflect that dedication. Premier Concierge Services Noble Air Charter provides private charter concierge […]