You can almost taste the luxury of the Gulfstream G700

If ever you could bottle up “luxury” and take a sip of it, the new Gulfstream G700 is built for a specific clientele in a luxury class of their own. With it’s 7,500 Nautical Mile range, it’s Rolls Royce Pearl engines providing .925 maximum mach speed, and its living space defining luxury space. This $75 million dollar aircraft looks to shake up the ultra-long jet space.

As it gets ready to enter service next year, this jet is raising the bar high on competition and making them rethink what luxury and performance means for clients that demand the best.

g700 flight

This summer, the Gulfstream G700 made a flight to it’s initial launch customer in Doha. Qatar Executive, the subsidiary of Qatar Airways who focuses on the private jet chartering for wealthy clientele.

It flew from its Savannah headquarters direct to Doha to flex it’s long range capabilities. On its way back, it stopped in Paris to flex some more and give a taste of what the European elite can expect with this new luxury and performance defining private jet.

During these flights, they had a full payload of passengers and clocked in at just over 690mph (Mach .90) as it demonstrated what it can achieve in performance and speed.

The jet takes aim at the top players who compete in the ultra long luxury private jet space. Competitors like Bombardier’s Global 7500 or  Dassault with its future Falcon 10X have suddenly had to stop, look, and investigate how the G700 will eat their lunch.

The Interior

The G700™ delivers the most spacious, innovative and flexible cabin in the industry, plus the award-winning Symmetry Flight Deck™. 

The cockpit’s Symmetry Flight Deck looks like some advanced space age platform ready to take you to Mars as it features the safety of active control sidesticks. Intuitive touch-screen avionics, paired with Phase-of-Flight™ intelligence, reduce both pilot workload and aircraft start-up time.

The seats, couches, trimming, lighting, everything has been meticulously planned to provide convenience, comfort and an allure of opulence that is unrivaled.

With multiple interior configurations available, you can have up to 5 living areas and enjoy the comforts of being in a 5-star resort while cruising at 690miles per hour.

But what about WIFI?

Not to be looked over, today’s traveler needs to stay connected to the metaverse as much as possible. Let’s be honest, typical WIFI systems tend to be unreliable, buggy and just plain slow as you try to navigate the web.

These new G700’s will sport Jet ConneX. A  Ka-band system for Wi-Fi and will be available at no additional charge, providing reliable high-speed coverage for all your business and entertainment needs.

The Future

It’s safe to say, this new private jet came to dominate not just compete in the ultra-long range jet space. As it enters service, what will the competition do? We know they won’t take it on the chin and just watch. This decade will definitely be interesting to see as the competition for this market turns into an all out war.

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