How much are private jet flights?

Private jets and planes…aren’t they a wonderful way to travel! Once you’ve traveled this way, you no longer want to travel commercial.

Booking your own private jet or plane means driving right up to the aircraft, where the flight crew is waiting to unload your baggage, escort you in, and treat you the way you are supposed to be treated. With that said, we get the most common question of “How much are private jet flights?” from all over the world.

Don’t be fooled by all the private flight estimators and auto quotes you see for private travel… they essentially take costs, and add 10-30% of bases costs and create calculators. If paying more is your thing, then…. we warned you.

The answer is: It depends on all the travel factors… How many passengers, destinations, type of jet, duration, airport landing fees that differ, etc., etc… and the best we can do is take your information, and find the best jet for your needs.

Get a quote on private plane costs with Noble Air Charter and see our charts below for examples. We have a growing and superbly maintained charter fleet that covers most travel from Canada, The US, The Caribbean, as well as Central and South America. On top of our direct fleet, we have access to thousands of aircraft world-wide via our private air charter network of operators.

Why do some jet operators have published prices and others don’t?

There are operators who run “bus schedules” with routes already planned and those make pricing and seat buying easy for individuals…similar to commercial travel. While that is great for many, for private operators, we have to fit the route needs as well as any custom needs for our clients.

We are privately owned and operated and deal with jet and charter flights needs daily. Have a special event? Honeymoon? Family vacation? or have special catering requests? Our staff helps accommodate these needs along with your trip. This is the difference from bigger carriers and why customers love us.

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We try to use our fleet first since we can control pricing, schedule, services directly and provide greater value. If our planes are booked, we can tap into a global network of aircraft we work with that covers any size/trip needs.

Let Noble Air book your private air charter needs.

How much does a private jet cost?

The rates below are an approximate private jet charter cost estimator and include the aircraft, crew, and fuel, and are do not include additional trip specific expenses such as private jet flight & sitting time, overnight expenses, international/customs handling, additional taxes/VAT etc. Noble Air has private jets that can operate at $2500/hour and up depending on route factors. Contact for more information.

*We also have a fleet of turbo-charged dual propeller planes for regional travel needs. (see below)

Passenger Capacity Range
(Nautical Miles
Hourly Rate
Light 4-8 2,100 – 2,300 $2,800 – $3,500
Midsize 6-9 2,200 – 3,500 $3,200 – $4,200
Super Midsize 8-11 3,000 – 4,200 $4,400 – $4,900
Large 9-19 3,500 – 7,800 $5,800 – $7,900
Ultra Long Range 10-24 3,500 – 7,800 $7,800 – $18,000+

Private Jet Charter Cost for Round Trip Flights

These prices are estimates to give example cost scenarios. They are quoted as either same-day round trip flights or include one overnight stay. Private jet rental costs may increase depending on specifics and changes to the itinerary and other variables. Contact a Noble Air jet executive to request a private jet charter cost quote.

Originating Destination Light Jet Midsize Jet Large Jet
Los Angeles Las Vegas $8,500 $13,000 $27,750
Los Angeles San Francisco $8,900 $13,500 $28,000
Los Angeles Aspen $15,000 $18,500 $28,500
Los Angeles Seattle $18,250 $21,000 $29,000
Los Angeles Chicago $32,750 $35,000 $54,000
Los Angeles Dallas $23,500 $26,500 $41,000
Los Angeles New York $47,500 $48,500 $73,000
Los Angeles Miami $45,500 $45,000 $70,000
Los Angeles London n/a n/a $205,000
Los Angeles Milan n/a n/a $217,500
Los Angeles Hong Kong n/a n/a $345,000
New York Las Vegas $44,000 $45,500 $65,000
New York San Francisco $49,750 $50,500 $72,650
New York Aspen $36,500 $36,500 $52,750
New York Seattle $45,500 $47,000 $67,250
New York Chicago $18,000 $19,995 $29,500
New York Dallas $30,000 $31,000 $44,800
New York Miami $24,000 $26,000 $38,000
New York London n/a n/a $100,000
New York Milan n/a n/a $115,000

So… How much are private jet flights?

As you have seen, the prices will depend on trip variables, destination, type of jet and other factors.
Contact us today for a quote.

Private Flight Charter Cost – Our 402 Cessnas

Cessna 402 Charter Plane

We operate a fleet of Cessna 402’s that can serve regional needs.
We book the entire plane when scheduling charter flights.
See pricing below.

Originating Destination Passengers One-Way Round Trip
Miami Bimini, Bahamas Up to 7-9 $1500 $3200
Miami Nassau, Bahamas Up to 7-9 $2800 $5600
Miami Eleuthera, Bahamas Up to 7-9 $3250 $6500
Miami Staniel Cay, Bahamas Up to 7-9 $3750 $7500
Miami Marsh Harbor, Bahamas Up to 7-9 $2500 $5000
Miami Governors Island, Bahamas Up to 7-9 $3250 $6500
Miami Havana, Cuba Up to 7 $4250 $8500
Miami Key West Up to 7-9 $2000 $4000
Miami Atlanta, GA Up to 7-9 $6100 $12,200
Tampa Miami Up to 7-9 $2500 $5000
Tampa New Orleans Up to 7-9 $6100 $12,200
Tampa Atlanta Up to 7-9 $6500 $13,000
Orlando Key West Up to 7-9 $4150 $8300
Orlando Bimini Up to 7-9 $3200 $6400
Ocala Miami Up to 7-9 $2800 $5600
Ocala Marathon Up to 7-9 $3650 $7300
Naples Marathon Up to 7-9 $3850 $7700
Naples Nassau, Bahamas Up to 7-9 $4000 $8000


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