Private Air Charter Myths Debunked

There are many myths surrounding private air charter, and this is mainly because the majority of information about private air charter is obtained by word of mouth, not experience!

Here are some of those myths debunked.

1. You have to be rich to use private air charter.
While many of the world’s most rich and famous use private air travel rather than commercial, it can actually be remarkably affordable to travel by private air charter.

This is even more true when traveling as a group and splitting the cost and filling up the plane to capacity with passengers.

2. It’s difficult to book private air charter.
Booking with commercial airlines may be quick, but private air charter can be easier. There’s usually a dedicated team for customers’ every need.

Beyond just finding the perfect aircraft for the journey, they also usually cover transport to and from the arrival and destination locations, and even take care of lodging.

3. Private air charter is dangerous.
Using a top-rate charter company is key for a safe transaction. For a safe journey, any reputable and upstanding private air charter will have their planes and crew go through many thorough safety checks.

4. Only certain people can get private air charter.
Anyone and everyone can fly with private air charter. Beyond comfort, privacy, and luxury, it’s a unique experience and makes for a great gift.

5. Private air charter is slower than commercial flying.
Flying in smaller models doesn’t mean slower flights! Flying privately means skipping long queues, boarding on time, and landing closer to the desired location (since there are more private airports than commercial airports). All these things mean that flying privately is often much faster than flying commercially.

The best way to debunk those air charter myths is by flying in person with Noble Air Charter! Book your charter flight today and experience flying in a whole new way.