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Private Jet Charter

Imagine pulling up to a private airport, getting out of your car while an attendant valets and removes your bags. You walk in, and there is just a desk to check-in and the runway just a few feet away. This is the amazing world of private jet charters that exist and waiting for you. Once you start traveling this way, everything else will just feel subpar when moving from city to city or country to county.

While chartering a private jet can cost more than flying in first class or business class on commercial jets, the personalized service can be worth the upgrade to not have to sit in lines, get frisked all over your body by aggressive TSA security agents, and now with Covid issues, not have to deal with the potential health risks that traveling in a box with hundreds of people you don’t know coughing and sneezing everywhere.

Private jet charter with Noble Air will get you anywhere in the world. We are owners of jets, propeller planes and quickly growing. We also have access to the largest network of available jets if one of our jets is booked. Just provide us your information and we’ll go to work on getting you a certified, and well maintained private jet for your travel needs.

Private Jet Charter Costs

Private jet costs can range from a few thousand to much higher all depending on your needs. Time, passengers, distance and any specialty needs all determine your final costs. Some basic costs for example can be:

  • Light jet (4 to 6 passengers): $4,000 to $9,500
  • Medium jet (6 to 9 passengers): $8,500 to $19,500
  • Heavy jet (16 to 19 passengers): $15,000 to $90,000+

More importantly then cost though is understanding who is providing the private jet. Have they maintained it? Is it reputable? Is it certified? So many questions you want to know as your safety is the number one priority when traveling private.

As owners of our own fleet and decedents of aircraft maintenance operators, we comb through records meticulously, ask questions, and make sure you are receiving the best planes to service your needs.

Interested in booking a trip? Contact us today.

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How much are private jet flights?

We created a page to show some example prices and trip scenarios.

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