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Dassault Falcon 6x

The Falcon 6X redefines the business jet travel experience with innovations in comfort, safety, and technology. It is, in fact, a new category: the ultra wide body business jet. Its cabin, the tallest and widest in business aviation, provides an unparalleled level of spaciousness and comfort. And its 5,500nm (10,186 km) range and a top speed of Mach .90 can connect you to every major business center while opening up a wider world of comfort.

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Dassault Falcon 6x Price

Dassault Falcon 6x costs $49,500,000. Prices can vary depending on customizations and add ons.

Dassault Falcon 6x Specifications

Range Nautical Miles: 5.500
Range – Seats Full N.M: 5.500
MTOW Lbs: 77,459
L/Range Cruise Speed: 566 knots
Cabin Height Feet:  6 ft 6 In
Cabin Width Feet: 8 ft 6 In
Cabin Length Feet: 40 ft 4 In
Seats Executive: 16*
Crew / Passengers: 2
Landing Distance Feet:2,480
Engine Manufacturer: P&W Canada
Engine Model: PW800
Engines: 2
Useable Fuel lbs: 33,790 lb

Dassault Falcon 6x Flight Time & Price

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Dassault Falcon 6x Interior

The 6X cabin’s contemporary styling features flowing, uninterrupted lines to enhance the feeling of space and de-clutter the cabin. Thirty extra-large windows and a skylight flood the cabin with natural light while providing true panoramic views. Passengers can also control mood lighting to help them adjust seamlessly to multiple time zones.

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Dassault Falcon 6x

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Dassault Falcon 6x

Dassault Falcon 6x can easily reach Europe form the U.S. and any point in our hemisphere. Los Angeles to Geneva? No Problem. Beijing to San Francisco, yes! New York  to Tel Aviv, easy enough.

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