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Gulfstream G600

The all-new, clean-sheet Gulfstream G600™ brings you the latest in safety and style with our most advanced flight deck and award-winning interior design.

At its near-supersonic high-speed cruise of Mach 0.90.  As an added bonus, fewer flight hours means longer periods between scheduled maintenance visits, higher potential aircraft value and fresher crews.

A beautiful flight is an efficient flight. That’s why we invested in the technologies that give you greater speed and power with reduced emissions. The G600 climbs on the industry’s most advanced wings, each precisely contoured from a single piece of aluminum, and goes the distance on less fuel with ultra-quiet Pratt & Whitney engines.

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Gulfstream G600 Price

A Gulfstream G600 costs between $45.5 million to $57.9 million. Prices can vary depending on customizations and add ons.

Gulfstream G600 Specifications

Range Nautical Miles: 6,600
Range – Seats Full N.M: 6500
MTOW Lbs: 94,600
L/Range Cruise Speed: 0.85
Cabin Height Feet: 6
Cabin Width Feet: 7
Cabin Length Feet: 45.2
Seats Executive: 19*
Crew / Passengers: 2
Landing Distance Feet: 3,100
Engine Manufacturer: Rolls Royce
Engine Model: PW800
Engines: 2
Useable Fuel lbs: 38760

Gulfstream G600 Flight Time & Price

“Appx prices. May vary with itinerary variables”

Gulfstream G600 Interior

Award-winning seat unites style, functionality and, most importantly, comfort. Optimizing the proportions for an ideal fit and eliminated pressure points using precise, computerized machining to angle and sculpt foam bolsters. Complete the picture with elegant accents and fine leathers and textiles.

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Gulfstream G600

 The Gulfstream G600 can easily reach Europe form the U.S. and any point in our hemisphere. NY to Dubai? No Problem. London to Beijing, yes! Los Angeles to Shanghai , easy enough.

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Noble Air Charter can help you book the Gulfstream G600 for your long-range private jet travel needs.

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