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King Air 360ER

The next King Air 360ER turboprop reduces pilot workload with standard features like the IS&S ThrustSense Autothrottle, which delivers precision control for optimized power output, including Overtorque/Overtemp protection for a more efficient takeoff. Digital pressurization automatically schedules cabin pressure on both climb and descent, increasing passenger comfort and further reducing pilot workload.

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King Air 360ER Price

A King Air 360ER costs $7.9 million. Prices can vary depending on customizations, models, and add-ons.

King Air 360ER Specifications

Range Nautical Miles: 2692
MTOW Lbs: 16500
L/Range Cruise Speed: KTAS303
Cabin Height Feet: 57
Cabin Width Feet: 54
Cabin Length Feet: 19 ft 6 In
Seats Executive: 11*
Crew / Passengers: 2
Landing Distance Feet: 2981
Engine Manufacturer: Pratt & Whitney Canada
Engine Model: PT6A-60A
Engines: 2
Useable Fuel lbs: 5,192

King Air 360ER Flight Time & Price

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King Air 360ER Interior

Designed for comfort and productivity, the Gulfstream G650 has handcrafted seats that allow you to settle in and enjoy the journey.
Each seat is positioned next to a window and Single seats convert to beds for added comfort and flexibility.

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King Air 360ER

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King Air 360ER

The King Air 360ER can easily reach Europe from the U.S. and any point in our hemisphere. New York to La Habana? No Problem. Medellin to Miami, yes! LA to Mexico City, easy enough.

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Noble Air Charter can help you book the King Air 360ER for your long-range private jet travel needs.

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