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Praetor 500

The Praetor 500 from Embraer is the latest evolution of the Legacy 450 design, with new winglets and extra fuel tanks for greater rangeFly-by-wire technology, classic lines and tasteful proportions intact while incorporating the latest in cutting-edge aviation design to boost range.

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Praetor 500 Price

The Praetor 500 costs $16,995,000. Prices can vary depending on customizations, model and add ons.

Praetor 500 Specifications

Range Nautical Miles: 3340
MTOW Lbs: 37567
L/Range Cruise Speed: 461 knots
Cabin Height Feet: 6 ft 10 In
Cabin Width Feet: 6 ft
Cabin Length Feet: 25 ft 2 In
Seats Executive: 7*
Crew / Passengers: 2
Landing Distance Feet: 2091
Engine Manufacturer: Honeywell
Engine Model: HTF7500E
Engines: 2
Useable Fuel lbs: 13050

Praetor 500Flight Time & Price

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Praetor 500 Interior

The Embraer Praetor 500 lets you choose among four distinct interior styles from our exclusive LXi Cabin Collection™, while a host of cutting-edge amenities make air travel feel like a rewarding escape. The Praetor 500 allows you to maintain productivity with Ka-band connectivity and stow-able workstations that open flush with the side ledge.

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Praetor 500

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Praetor 500

The Praetor 500 can easily reach Europe form the U.S. and any point in our hemisphere. Atlanta to Vancouver? No Problem. Anchorage to LA, yes! Chicago to ST Maarten, easy enough.

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